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        TPG (TAIWAN PRECISION GEAR) is a professional manufacturer in transmission products and has been concentrated in this field for over 30 years.『T』means Technology, 『P』 means Perfection, 『G』 means Guaranty. 
        Technology, Perfection and Guaranty are our spirit and promise. For the purpose to serve our customers, TPG is always focusing on the R&D developing new and wide range products as well as the quality updated. By using TPG as our trademark and logo to market over the world, especially setting the subsidiary company in China, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, India, Vietnam and Myanmar to serve the customers more efficiently. 
         The global science researchers join the design and authorize TAIWAN PRECISION GEAR to manufacture. TAIWAN PRECISION GEAR (TPG) has the background of cooperating with Japan and research the transmission element and hold the key techniques and the patent. Our products have got the certificate through the international famous inspection institution, and we are dedicated on developing all kinds of high efficiency transmission motor. Strictly executing ISO 9001:2015 at quality control system to ensure the quality and establishing “R&D innovation” to put on scale oversea. With the faith of quality priority, fast sales service and sustainable operation to offer the enrich products and best quality to supply the globe.
         由TPG全球科研人員參與設計並委由臺灣精密齒輪工業股份有限公司製造生產,臺灣精密公司以原有的中日合作技術背景下,研製傳動元件並掌握關鍵技術及專利,默默耕耘數十年。當中,產品已通過國際知名檢驗認證機構,並不斷致力於開發各式高效率精密傳動電機。全廠導入ISO 9001:2015品保系統嚴格品質管制,建立“研發創新,行銷全球,全面品管,品質至上,快速供應,永續經營"之公司理念。提供最豐富的產品及最佳的品質快速供應全球。
         Due to only one earth, TPG awares shortage of international energy, so we built the concept of caring the earth, treasure the resource, continuous inheritance since 2002 and published the concept on all the brochure and every advertisement. We, TPG, want to do something for the earth, so we invest to develop high efficiency brushless DC motor in the application of semi conduct manufacturing device, transportation transmission in energy conservation, medical and automotive transmission. Firstly developing the complete system on the precise right angle and parallel reducer motor, and then other type of gear motor to cater the world trend as below.
  • TPG Helical Gear Motors/ TPG齒輪馬達減速機
  • TPG Worm Gear Motors /TPG蝸輪馬達減速機
  • TPG Hypoid Gear Motors /TPG准雙曲面(戟齒輪)馬達減速機
  • TPG High Pressure Blowers /TPG高壓鼓風機
  • TPG Tiny Mighty Gear Motors /TPG小金剛系列
  • TPG Inverters/ TPG變頻
  • TPG Brushless DC Motor /TPG無刷馬達系列
  • TPG European Gear Box /TPG歐式減速機
  • TPG Poultry Gear Motor/ TPG家禽專用齒輪減速機
  • TPG Sprial Bevel Gear Box/ 十字轉向器
  • TPG Right Angle Spiral Bevel Gear Motor /TPG直交軸傘齒輪減速馬達
  • Accessories/配件 

        TPG有感國際能源短絀、地球只有一個,於2002年提出 "關愛地球、珍惜資源、生生不息、傳承相繼、阪神電機─與您共勉"的概念, 刊登於產品文宣上。TPG阪神電機為對地球盡一份心力,投資研究高效率無刷電機,並將此電機應用於半導體生產設備、交通節能動力、醫療及自動化傳動系列。首創精密直交軸、平行軸減速系統,將減速電機控制一體系列化,提供客戶更快速且完整多元的無刷馬達系統,可為首創機揰最為豐富之領導品牌,近年來,不止是專注於開發工業傳動元件上,也將觸角延伸至開發高效率風力發電能源產品。
        TPG builds subsidiary company in lots of the district all over the world and choosing the best district dealer to provide wider product series and complete after sales service.
Thank you very much for all the famous industries who supporting TPG products.    


TPG is always for You!

Peter Yang

General Manager


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